LG Multi Split Commissioning Procedure

Pressure Testing
All Air-conditioning systems must be pressure tested before refrigerant is released into the pipe work.
Pressure testing must be carried out using Oxygen free dry Nitrogen only and MUST be carried out on all the service valves.
If you unit has two service valve connect two pipes if it only has one port only one gauge line can be used.
Ensure that all service valves are tight prior to pressure test, this will avoid nitrogen leaking into the condensing unit.
Pressure testing tends to be carried out in stages; generally it is considered good
practice to test the pipes prior to connection to the condensing unit to avoid leaking into the condenser past the service valves.

The pipe work should be pressure tested for 24
hours in three stages:
Stage 1 3.0 Bar for minimum 3 minutes
Stage 2 15.0 Bar for minimum 3 Minutes
Stage 3 38.0 Bar for minimum 24 hours

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