Kode error mesin cuci full otomatis samsung

Samsung Fault Codes

Samsung Washer Fault Codes
4E WATER SUPPLY ERROR Water Supply Error occurs when water level frequency does not show changes more than 100Hz or water is not supplied up to the preset water level after 10 Minutes or more at the time of initial water supply. The error status can be cleared by turning the POWER switch OFF and back ON.
5E WATER DRAIN ERROR 5E is displayed if the water level frequency detected is 25 KHz or less in the initial phase of the UNB -detecting cycle. The Water Drain error can be cleared by turning POWER SW OFF and back ON.
oE OVER-FLOW ERROR Over-Flow error occurs when the water level is too high. It can be cleared by turning POWER switch OFF. Water is drained prior to POWER switch OFF. The tub is drained for 2 minutes if a frequency of more than 25 KHz is detected.
UE UNBALANCE ERROR Laundry load is unbalanced, manually loosen any tangled laundry.

If only one item of clothing needs washing, such as a bathrobe or jeans, the final spin result might be unsatisfactory and an UE error message will be shown in the display. Unbalance error is cleared by POWER switch OFF and back ON.
HE WATER HEATER ERROR HE, HE1 is displayed if the water temperature rises by 7 C or more in 1 Min or by 2 C or less 20 Min after heating process has started. The error can be cleared by turning POWER switch OFF.

Normal Level = Abnormal W/L Frequency
Low Level = 30.00 Khz High Level = 15.00 Khz

If the same signal is detected for more than 5 seconds, it is a PRESSURE SWITCH Error. When this error occurs the drain pump will operate for 3 min. and the display will show 1 E indicating a pressure switch error.
cE ABNORMAL WATER TEMPERATURE ERROR e.g. If the water temperature is 50 C or more, during a Delicate or Wool cycle.

At the time of initial water supply, if the water temperature is not appropriate, the display will show cE. This error can be cleared by POWER SWITCH OFF.
11 E WATER LEAKAGE ERROR Water Leakage error occurs when the water drains naturally, (by leakage) after the washing program starts.
tE THERMISTOR ERROR This error occurs when the Thermistor circuit is abnormal or a voltage of O.2v or below or, 4.5v and over is detected. This error can be cleared by POWER switch OFF.
3E MOTOR RESTRICTION ERROR Hall Sensor is sensed every 5OOms. 1 second after motor starts to work.

If data of hall sensor is less than 2 (2RPM), the Washing motor will stop at once.

During Washing and Rinsing when a motor restriction is sensed, the motor stops and then proceeds to the next water -flow action. If the motor stops working and this happens in one direction ten times, “3E” Error is displayed.

During dehydrating. when a motor restriction is sensed. the motor stops working and then returns to the initial stage of the dehydration unbalance sensing cycle. After ten times, “3E” Error isdisplayed, When the motor Is told to stop because of an operating function. no error is shown.

Power 81W OFF can clear the motor restriction error.
8E OVER CURRENT ERROR IPM fault signal (this is caused by the overload of the MICOM INTO during motor action).

IPM: Integrated power module. The IPM controls the motor.

If the fault (low signal) happens to be sensed even once during the washing/rinsing stage, the motor stops immediately. However, during the dehydrating stage the signal is to be sensed, when the number of signals reads more than 6 per 500ms during the Washing or Rinsing cycle action.

If the motor stops working, in one direction ten times, “8E” Error is displayed.

During dehydrating, when the overload is sensed, the motor stops working at once and then feeds back to the initial stage of the dehydration unbalance sensing. When the feed back has occcurred twice, Error “8E” is displayed during the dehydrating unbalance sensing, No error happens by overload sensing. When it happens at more than 800rpm, the process is stopped compulsorily. Power Switch OFF can clear the overload error.

Samsung Dryer Fault Codes
ts Thermistor short Check for restricted vent. Replace thermistor
to Thermistor open Check for restricted vent Replace Thermistor
do Door Open Check connections. Replace door switch.
FE Power Source Frequency error Check power source
dF Door circuit failure Check wiring to door switch. Replace door switch
hE Heater error Restricted vent. Replace thermistor.
bE Button Error Check and / or replace PCB
od Over dry Sensor Bar open. Adjust time up excessively.
Et eeprom failure Replace Eeprom

Samsung Dishwasher Fault Codes
4E Water Inlet Valve Clean and /or replace
5E Drain problem Check drain hoses

Replace drain pump
LE Leak Check for leaks

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